If you would like to make direct contact with the Homestead once on the water, or have an inquiry before leaving port,  please use the information below:

Marine Radio Channel: Ch:73 for a chat (Channel 10  was the Island communication channel, is now used by Hay Point Vessel loading Terminal . We no longer use that channel so as not to interfere with the Coal Loading Terminal Shipping communications) Scanning: 16, 73, 80, 81 and 83 (installed repeater station on Percy Island for Coastguard Thirsty Sound to contact those further afield than ch:81)

Telephone and Internet : Communication lines usually drop out between Shoalwater Bay Area and Dent/Curlew Islands. Once at Middle Percy Island the Telephone and Internet communications are available from the higher points, but only if you have a Telstra communication system. The Homestead veranda is a comfortable place to make contact with your loved ones and business, while sipping a cool lime and honey drink to refresh after the walk up here! So remember to bring your Telstra mobile phone with you for those important communications.

Postal Address: Friends of Percy Foundation
P.O. Box 8308, Mt. Pleasant, QLD 4740

Phone Homestead: 0407 711 701; please leave a message or text if we are out

Phone and Internet: is usually available on your Telstra Mobile devices from a higher point than the area is on the main long walking track to Homestead , over looking Pine Islet; or over half way to Homestead at ‘Andys Lookout’ overlooking South Percy and beyond

OR you are welcome to use our Phone, Wi-Fi or Computer  (depending upon availability) upon a donation

Photos: can be posted here or on a Facebook page called: [email protected]

Email direct : [email protected]

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