Percy Island Lease Update

The time has come for , Cathryn Radclyffe, Andy Martins cousin,to pass on the Island Custodianship, for the next chapter of the Islands heritage and education , to be ‘write’. By the Grace of our Father in Heaven, Robin and Annie Cooke will take up the Government Agreement for the next  20 years residency and custodianship of the Conservation Park under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

I am sad to leave after 12 years of residency and 35 years of loving the Island; but we are burnt out after fixing the Governments’ blunders. It is wonderful now looking to the future unfold, and knowing the Island is in good Christian hands and going forward to complete its role, for the greater Community (as hoped for by Andy Martin, Jon and Liz Hickling and myself)

Robin and Annie Cooke will still use the same Email address (percyisland and are based at the Homestead, and scan Marine Channel 73

Phone numbers are Robin,the Island Skipper; 0404 468 551

Annie, the Island secretary, : 0438 252 088