Walking Tracks


Please remember to take drinking water (particularly if creek not running) and any personal applications and clothing to protect you on your adventurous safari.

Check out the ‘mud maps’ for reference of walks and please don’t blame me if you get lost, its an adventure!  No injuries please; we do have the RFDS medical chest if need be. Mud Map Walking Tracks

REMEMBER THAT you are on national park land until you enter the Regional Park area of the Homestead

There are no deadly poisonous snakes on Percy Is. but please be advised that:-

1) The daytime ‘skinny snake’ is a Collared Whip Snake ; sunbathing or scurrying across the path. Not aggressive but could bite if surprised in the leaf litter and it perceived threatened in that situation. Worst case scenario will be a need for anti-histamine pills from the RFDS Medical Chest at the Homestead (ch:73)

2) The night time snakes being approximately one meter long, not a problem for us,  but both deadly for baby birds, eggs and reptiles:-

a) Spotted Python and the

b)  Brown Tree Snake  more aggressive ) and

3) Giant Centipede nippers may adversely effect you, so anti-histamine in your kit could be essential for some folks.

Royal Flying Doctor advice -…”any travelers on the oceans to have a valid Tetanus injection as a prevention from possible serious infection whilst adventuring in different places from the local tropical climate”

The Royal Flying Doctor Kit is kept here and administration is available at the Homestead

We have a landline telephone or via the Marine Radio (you could reach Stanage Bay Coast Guard on 81 or 83 but maybe not the Homestead) .

Please remember you are on the National Park zone at Whites Bay and are not allowed to camp.

Camping is available at West Bay which is part of the Regional Park under section 34 of the Nature Conservation Act. Please make prior arrangements from the Homestead (accessible via Channel 73, email, telephone)

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