Yacht Club

PIYC Burgee

Percy Island Yacht Club

Middle Percy Island has a rich and varied maritime history, with a long established tradition of hospitality. It is one of the few remaining places on our coast where seafarers may freely come ashore, explore, and share a beach BBQ with fellow travelers amongst memorabilia of bygone days.

To help keep all this going, a group of concerned Yachties formed the PIYC in November 2011. since then the Lifetime Membership is $150 and the proceeds are for Public Liability Insurance; with extra donations always appreciated for maintenance of the historic buildings or specified projects to help ensure this unique island life continues.

PIYC plaque to display your boat name - Copy - Copy

You will get a plaque with your boat’s name, a set of dog tags with your names and membership number, a PIYC Burgee and the satisfaction that you are helping to protect the islands unique atmosphere for future generations. The Membership is transferable to another boat, so then please advise us of change of boat name so your records are up to date and membership changed on the Membership board displayed in the famous Percy Yacht Club House.

To join; pick up your PIYC Kit at the Homestead

CONTACTS : Robin and Annie Cooke at

The Homestead (07) 4999 5840 (satellite connection)

MOBILES :  kept at the Homestead,

Annie, Secretary, Cook and  First Mate: 0404 468 551

Robin,the Island Skipper; 0438 252 088 and

E MAIL: ADDRESS ;  [email protected]