Drone Footage of the Island

A visitor in September 2018 took these great aerial videos of Middle Percy Island. It is Interesting to see how well wooded the 2,000Ha island has become since the sheep were taken off in 1964 and the ring-barking of the trees for grazing ceased. We have the black and white photos from the Whites days where the grazing land is clearly visible for 1500 to 2000 sheep from 1921 – 1960s
This is a marvellous overview of the Island , Thank you Scott of ‘Blue Peter’

One thought on “Drone Footage of the Island

  1. I regularly called on Percy Island and Andy on my yearly sailing adventures to the Whitsundays on our yacht “Jupiter” and on yacht deliveries sailing south.
    Andy lived alone on the island and always welcomed the yachties that dropped anchor off the little beach. He had three solar panels on the roof which fed into some car batteries. This allowed him to listen to radio and keep contact with the
    outside world via VHS marine radio.
    After many years he left the island to visit relatives in England and sadly passed away whilst there.

    Please note : The above is written from memory only and I cannot guarantee 100% correctness .

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